“Kongsi Rezeki” Project

What is ‘Kongsi Rezeki’

‘Kongsi Rezeki’ is a project for us to share our income with our customers or referrers.

Why ‘Kongsi Rezeki’?

It is because we want to get a barakah income. Therefor we would like to share our rezeki to others.

How we do it?

Below is how you can be part of the ‘Kongsi Rezeki’ project.

  1. Be one of our customer and you will be given a referral link via whatsapp or email OR
  2. Subscribe to our ‘Kongsi Rezeki’ project at NO COST.
  3. Send your referral link to anyone that you know over the social media or any platforms.
  4. If the referred person take a plan with us, we will pay you as below:
    • Motor takaful
      • Comprehensive policy
        • Car – RM20/policy
        • Motorcycle – RM5/policy
      • Third party fire and theft
        • Car – RM10/policy
        • Motorcycle – Not applicable
      • Third party
        • Car – Not applicable
        • Motorcycle – RM3/policy
  1. Referral fee will be paid once we received payment from the referred customer.


Please be informed that this ‘Kongsi Rezeki’ project are only cover for Motor Takaful scope for now and it subject to change without any notice.